Baskets & Sheaves

Basket funeral flower arrangement

All baskets and sheaves shown can be made in different colours and with seasonal flowers. Basket and Sheave arrangements are less formal and ideal to give as a tribute to a friend, colleague or loved one.

Country Trug Basket

For a more informal look, a trug basket is ideal. Particularly suitable for gardeners, country lovers and flower arrangers where a less formal look is required. The flowing lines of the pretty pink selection of flowers have the abundant look of a summer garden.

£35, £45, £55, £65 upwards

Order reference: BS01

Rustic Flower Basket

When flowers are going on to a home or hospital after the ceremony, then a basket is the most suitable solution. This round rustic basket is filled with a delightful mix of seasonal flowers in pink, lilac and cream.

£35, £45, £55, £65 upwards

Order reference: BS05

Arum Lily Sheaf

Arum Liliies are the most traditional funeral flower. They have been used for centuries to represent the meaningful simplicity. Tied naturally in a simple sheaf, they are a modern interpretation of a time honoured style.

£45, £55, £65 upwards

Order reference: SH09

Traditional Sheaf

A traditional sheaf is the oldest form of funeral tribute. Fashioned from a selection of mixed flowers and foliage and tied together with a decorative bow, it is ideal for woodland or meadow services.

£45, £55, £65 upwards

Order reference: SH10

Rose Sheaf

Sometimes a simple gesture is all that is needed to express a sentiment. Six roses tied together and finished with a luxury bow is a classic natural sheaf.

£35, £45, £55, £65 upwards

Order reference: SH11