Heart Shaped Wreaths

Heart funeral flower arrangement

Beautiful heart shaped tributes to convey what words cannot express. All hearts can be made in various colour combinations using seasonal or meaningful flowers to make the tribute bespoke for you. Prices will depend on design and size, but as an approximate guide:

13” – £45 to £55
15” – £65 to £85
17” – £85 to £100
21” – £110 to £150

Traditional Solid Based Heart Wreath

A traditional love heart beautifully massed with Chryanthemums to accentuate the dark crimson roses. Available in any colour spray and ribbon

Available in the following sizes:

13” – £45 to £55
15” – £65 to £85
17” – £85 to £100
21” – £110 to £150

Order reference: HRT01

Modern Swinging Heart

A beautiful contemporary heart with hues of creams and greens.

Approximately 17″ x 34″ – £85 to £120

Order reference: HRT02

Contemporary Heart with Gypsophilia

A romantic froth of Gypsophilia covers this modern curvaceous heart.

Approximately 12″ x 20″ – £60 to £80

Order reference: HRT03

Double Open Heart

Entwining hearts portray an eternity of love; no other tribute makes such a powerful statful as a farwell gift of adoration.

Approx 15″ x 23″ – £120 to £150

Order reference: HRT04

Elite Love Heart

An elite love heart to convey what words cannot express. The perfect uniformity of the flower base means the symbolic shape is centre of attention. Two distinctive halves of Eryngium Thistle and miniature white Roses bonded together in unbroken harmony.

Available in sizes 15″ or 17″ – £90 to £120

Order reference: HRT05

Large Free Standing Heart

The old world charm of a Victorian style heart will appeal for the young and old alike. A soft pink ribbon border complements groups of choice flowers in your desired colours.

Approximately 30″ – £100 to £120

Order reference: HRT06

Loose Open Heart

Red is the colour of love and this stylish open heart with a modern textured edging is a dignified and special way to show affection.

Available in sizes 15″ or 17″

Order reference: HRT07

Cushion Heart

A cushion heart tribute with a natural foliage and groups of massed green and white Roses for luxurious final tribute.

13″ – £50 to £55
15″ – £55 to £70

Order reference: HRT08