Memorial Flowers

Memorial flowers add beauty to a place of worship for a really memorable service. Choose flowers and colours which have special significance. All arrangements by East Sussex Funeral Flowers can be tailored with your preferred colours and seasonal flowers.

Floral Arrangements for Ashes Casket

These memorial flowers are perfect for an interment of ashes in a garden of rememberance.

Price ranges from £30 to £35

Order reference: MEM02

Traditional Pedestal Floral Arrangement

An elegant traditional pedestal arrangement. Choose flowers and colours of special significance or the simplicity of a gentle, calming green and white colour harmony.

Price ranges from £75 to £100

Order reference: MEM003

Paschal Candle

The Paschal Candle is an important symbol in church ceremonies and is lit and placed in a prominent position for a funeral. A beautiful arrangement surrounding the canles will give extra special dignity to the funeral.

Price ranges from £80 to £150

Order reference: MEM04

Candle of Love

Lighting a candle of love commemorates the life of the deceased. It is a special arrangement to send to the bereaved to show you are thinking about them. Soft and gentle, this timeless arrangement will bring great comfort at a time of sadness.

Price ranges from £30 to £40

Order reference:MEM05