Sympathy Sprays

Sympathy spray funeral flower arrangement

Funeral sprays are the most popular tributes; they can made in various sizes and colours ways, and with a seasonal flowers and styles to represent the time of year. Prices range from £35 to £70 depending on the size tribute chosen.

Vibrant Modern Funeral Spray

Vibrant foilage and exotic lime green Anturiums coupled with Roses and Gerberas give this lavish funeral spray an important opulent look.

Order reference: SE01

Classic White Rose Spray

This tribute is a sign of purity and one of the most popular. Laid against a backdrop of lush greenery in a traditional spray shape.

Order reference: SE02

Midsummer Peony Spray

This fragrant selection of Peonies and Roses are a perfect midsummer mixture of lilacs, pinks and purples.

Order reference: SE03

Birds of Paradise Spray

Glorious vibrant colours and exotic Birds of Paradise in a classic spray shape make this spray a stylish and memorable tribute.

Order reference: SE04

Sunflower Spray

An ideal tribute for young people to give receive with its sunny charm and rustic twig detail.

Order reference: SE05

Classical Teardrop Sympathy Spray

The classic teardrop shape in sophisticated white and green shades is ever popular as a tribute from acquaintenances, colleagues, friends and family.

Order reference: SE06

Pastel Spray

Delicate pastel shades with soft pink Roses and lavender tones in a traditional funeral spray that has a young and feminine appeal.

Order reference: SE07